WLP Water Spraying Machine


Dust suppression system

The dust suppression system allows the removal of dust in the working place quickly and effectively, ensuring the health of the worker and maintaining the efficiency in the production.

How to solve the problem of dust in workplaces

There are several aspiration and air purification systems which can be used in indoor workplaces such as factories and workshops to protect people from illnesses and machines from breakdowns. The problem of dust is more difficult to solve in outdoor workplaces such as quarries, aggregate processing plants as well as demolition and excavation sites. Here, hosepipes and sprinklers are usually used to wet the interested area in order to suppress dust. However, these systems consume a lot of water and form muddy puddles or streams, which can transport dust outside the area affecting public roads and consequently, expanding the problems. In addition to that, the suppressing action finishes immediately by the switching off if traditional systems are used and if these are not automatic enough, people must be employed to wet the ground.

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